Refining granola

Since the end of 2016, bumble & butter has been baking granola, selling to fellow students at Cornell University, and has quickly reached thousands at the nation's largest and most competitive open-air food market, Smorgasburg. Guided and inspired by a background in the restaurant industry, bumble & butter uses different baking techniques and sources high quality, local ingredients to create unique, sweet and savory flavors for our granola. bumble & butter makes everything in small batches by hand from the food science building at Cornell to ensure that each bite is crisp and packed with flavor.


Quality, local ingredients


bumble & butter bakes granola with organic ingredients and works with local producers in upstate New York to source raw honey and grass-fed butter. We even use pure, high quality ingredients such as ground vanilla bean and fresh rosemary to give you the best possible flavor. Most of all, we want to expand people's palates and prove that granola doesn't always have to be dry or bland on its own.


Incredibly versatile.

The possibilities are endless - yogurt is just the beginning.

Next time, try your granola on top of soups, salads, whatever needs a bit of crunch.