Roasted Carrots and Granola

bumble & butter is... better

bumble & butter was born at the end of 2016 at Cornell University, but its story really started a few years before, when Jamie Kim began gifting jars of homemade granola to friends and family. She had an idea - simple, but unconventional: why does granola have to be sweet?

We usher in a new age of savory, unique flavors that go beyond the cinnamon and maple you normally find crowding grocery shelves. What’s more, is that bumble & butter believes in local and organic ingredients, sourcing its namesakes grass-fed butter and honey from farms of upstate New York, to start. Take a look at the ingredients list, because bumble & butter is able to coax its powerful flavors in part from its simply sourced, non-processed, organic ingredients.

bumble & butter plays with the savory and the sweet so that there may be a day where granola isn’t just for cloyingly saccharine breakfast. With its rich base flavor of locally sourced grass-fed butter and honey in each bag of granola, bumble & butter offers exceptional flavors you can eat with savory dishes.

Try the Sharp Cheddar Granola on top of a hot tomato soup, or the aromatic Rosemary & Zante Currants with a chopped salad. The possibilities are endless - yogurt is just the beginning.

meet the team.


Jamie Kim

Jamie is currently a junior in the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University. She started her journey in the food industry at an early age, interning during her high school summers for the restaurant, Eleven Madison Park in New York City. Currently she handles social media not just for her business, but for a rad notebook company. In her free time, you can find her cooking/eating just about anything, painting, listening to vinyls, playing tennis, or hiking.

Katie Lee

Katie discovered her passion for wholesome, sustainable food at Choate Rosemary Hall through participating in an environmental program and has come to appreciate every story behind the food that sits on her plate. Her enthusiasm for food continues to flourish at Cornell with her classes ranging from topics in food science to nutrition. Katie can never be too far from food and strategically lives above a grocery store so she can invite friends over to cook.