bumble & butter is... better

bumble & butter was born at the end of 2016 at Cornell University, but its story really started a few years before, when Jamie Kim began gifting jars of homemade granola to friends and family. She had an idea - simple, but unconventional: why does granola have to be sweet?

We usher in a new age of savory, unique flavors that go beyond the cinnamon and maple you normally find crowding grocery shelves. What’s more, is that bumble & butter believes in local and organic ingredients, sourcing its namesakes grass-fed butter and honey from farms of upstate New York. Take a look at the ingredients list, because bumble & butter is able to coax its powerful flavors in part from its simply sourced, non-processed, organic ingredients.

bumble & butter plays with the savory and the sweet so that there may be a day where granola isn’t just for breakfast. With its rich base flavor of locally sourced grass-fed butter and honey in each bag of granola, bumble & butter offers exceptional flavors you can eat with savory dishes.

Try the Sharp Cheddar Granola on top of a hot tomato soup, or the aromatic Rosemary & Zante Currants with a chopped salad. The possibilities are endless - yogurt is just the beginning.