Father's Day Gift Guide 2018

We're keeping it simple and fun. Here's a few ideas of what to get your dad this year:

Father's Day Gift

1. bumble & butter Sharp Cheddar Granola

Let's be real. Maybe your dad isn't much of a traditional granola lover. But this is no ordinary granola. It's sweet and salty with a cheesy, buttery flavor and a hint of spice. Forget the bag of chips or roasted nuts. This crunchy granola provides the whole grains and nuts while packing in tons of addictive flavor. Get it here.

2. Craft Brew

You might as well get Dad a nice pairing to go with that cheddar granola. We suggest a light, complex beer with floral undertones like a saison/farmhouse ale. Here, we've got Grimm Ales' Crystal Sync dry saison brewed with earl grey tea. 

3. Taster Glass

Okay, hold up. You got the beer, but are you drinking it from the right glass that encompasses all the aromas and preserves the head? You must be thinking from our photo, how cute is that little taster glass? Say no more. You can get one (or a dozen) from Crate & Barrel for a totally affordable price. 

4. Bottle Opener

If you feel like cracking that bottle open in style, check out these handsome brass bottle openers from Fort Standard.

So what are you getting Dad for Father's Day this year? We'd love to hear in the comments below.

Summer in Chicago

We're looking at a pretty crazy summer here at bumble & butter.

First and foremost, I'm excited to tell you all that I am in Chicago this summer for the Wild Ophelia accelerator program, which was created by founder Katrina Markoff to encourage young female entrepreneurs to pursue their passions in the food industry. 

Wild Ophelia is the sister company of the chocolate company Vosges Haut-Chocolat - their creations are absolutely amazing. I just can't wait to be surrounded by this chocolate everyday. Inspired by different flavors and cuisines from all over the world, Vosges gives you a unique chocolate experience by incorporating ingredients such as curry, wasabi, and bacon. YUM! 

Wild Ophelia offers unique chocolates as well at a more affordable price point than Vosges. I absolutely love their cold brew chocolate bites and the peanut butter cups! I also can't tell you how much I enjoy the crispy rice milk chocolate bar. Oh man, anything with crunchy bits and chocolate... sign me up. 

Given that the entire team is away from Ithaca and doing their respective internships (Katie working for a bank in NYC, Devon working for Hain's Celestial), bumble & butter will have a bit of a slowdown until the end of August. We're still baking the granola ourselves, making it hard to keep up production this summer. BUT we're on our way towards finding a contract manufacturer to help us. 

And of course, after getting amazing experience and insight from our internships, we'll be back rolling after the summer faster and better than ever!

Cheers to a summer filled with chocolate and granola!

Jamie KimComment
Calving Day 2018
 Photos by Ben Sword

Photos by Ben Sword

We took a trip this past weekend to Kriemhild Dairy Farm's 2nd Annual Calving Day, which celebrates the first day of Kriemhild's meadow butter-making season, as well as the natural cycle surrounding seasonal grass-fed dairy farming. We roamed the pasture, sampled some of Kriemhild's delicious grass-fed butter and creme fraiche, and we got to play with these cuties.

Red Gate Farm in Hamilton, NY
Hamilton, NY Kriemhild Dairy Farm

Last year, we immediately witnessed a cow birthing when we arrived. We didn't get to see one this year, but we still have video footage from Calving Day 2017. Don't hit play if you'd rather not watch a cow giving birth (but just to let you know, it was a girl)!

Life is beautiful!

cute cows
agriculture grass fed
Why bumble & butter Sticks To Grass-Fed

Grass-fed butter: it's the namesake of our granola, and for good reason.

We use grass-fed butter sourced from Kriemhild Dairy, where cows graze on quality fresh pasture that results in the deep yellow, nutrient-rich butter that bumble & butter uses – something you won't find other granola brands doing. Kriemhild Dairy is careful about its methods of raising its livestock, and is thoughtful about the environmental impact of their business, utilizing low-impact farming methods [1]. bumble & butter is proud to be able to know where and how its namesake ingredient is being sourced.  

Grass-fed dairy has recently been taking the food industry by storm, as more people are realizing the benefits. Grass-fed animals are better for the animals themselves and the people who eat their products! Grass-fed butter on its own boasts slight tang, a little culture, and rich sweet cream that fills you up. But if it's so good, why aren't more people using it?

People have historically associated butter with high cholesterol and making it worse in your body, however, cholesterol is necessary. Your body produces most cholesterol because it needs to, for reasons like creating neurotransmitters, fortifying cell membranes, maintaining the intestinal wall, protecting cells and tissue from free radical damage, and so much more [2]. Cholesterol that you ingest from your food also, has much less impact on your body's cholesterol levels than you'd think, meaning butter's saturated fat levels in moderation won't necessarily wreak havoc on your body [3][4]

Grass-fed butter is more nutrient-rich than standard butter or any other refined cooking oil. Comparatively, grass-fed butter is: 

  • Significantly richer in fat-soluble vitamins, like vitamin K2 and vitamin A, and vital cholesterol
  • A provider of short and medium chain triglycerides, which support the immune system, boost metabolism, and suppress appetite 
  • High in anti-cancer CLA, which also helps the body store muscle instead of fat [5][6][7]
  • A source of arachidonic acid, which is essential for immune system function
  • Rich in beta-carotene, which gives it its brighter, more distinctive yellow color

Plus, it tastes so much better. The nutrients in the grass naturally enrich the cow's milk, which gives grass-fed butter its tangy flavor and its color. 

Grass-fed butter isn't easy to produce - conventional cows get fatter and produce more milk at a cheaper cost. However, bumble & butter, along with its sourcers, are committed to the quality and integrity of high quality, flavorful components that go into your food.

With a little more care and effort, you can have a butter that tastes better, ounce per ounce, and you can use less of it to achieve a better flavor profile. Less fat for more flavor. Grab a bag of bumble & butter granola, so that you can taste the difference. Your body will feel it too.