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bumble & butter: A New Take on a Classic Snack

"Each flavor is more than just a typical granola flavor, it’s a carefully constructed story and distinctively unique.
The sharp cheddar with cracked black pepper... It was unlike any snack I had ever had, with more crunch than popcorn and fuller flavor of cheddar."

eLab Demo Day 2018

Startup Pitch of elab Team bumble & butter at the annual Demo Day held each spring at Cornell University.

Accidental Locavore with Bumble & Butter

Click here to listen to the full audio of the interview with Anne Maxfield on Pawling Public Radio.



Crunching Down on a Simpler, Sweet, and Savory Granola with Kim (’19)

"Jamie Kim ‘19 has been baking since high school, but it tastes like she’s been doing it for several lives. At least, that’s what hordes of students, Manndibles cafe, successful chefs, and her friends and family might tell you. At first bite, you’re hit with the butter base and the bright, lightly sweetened honey. Keep chewing and your mind is pulled in different directions. The complexities and layers of flavor make you want to grab more, to experience the whole thing all over again.

eLab Featured Startup: bumble & butter

bumble & butter’s commitment to locally sourced ingredients has been integral to its operation since its inception; the company initially used olive oil in their products but later switched to butter from a farm just 30 minutes away from Ithaca in an effort to give business to local farmers. In addition, production occurs completely in-house, and the founders are always looking to innovate and introduce new products to their line.

Hungry Entrepreneurs Reinventing Jerky, Potatoes, and Granola

At Cornell, students are hungry for education, opportunities, and most importantly, food. From dining halls to independent cafes, Cornell’s campus is filled with food vendors. But for several students that’s not enough; they want to reinvent the way students eat.
Krakoski, Saran, and Kim are just several examples of food entrepreneurs going outside the classroom to launch their startups to provide a healthier food culture on Cornell’s campus and beyond. The moral of their stories: stay hungry for great ideas.  

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